Lee Ann Kampf & Associates is a General Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation Consulting Company located in Southern New Jersey. The firm specializes in varied appraisal and consulting assignments including: office buildings, shopping centers, convenience and retail stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, apartments, marinas, warehouses; self-storage facilities; single and multi-family properties; land development appraisals for commercial sites, residential subdivisions, and individual building lots.  The firm has extensive experience in estate appraisals, tax appeals, market analysis and feasibility analysis.  Complex appraisal services include:  special-purpose properties; historic properties; developer portfolios, golf course valuations, conservation easement valuations, condemnation and impact analysis of externalities on property values.

Why Choose Us?

We specialize in providing expert appraisal services for government agencies, financial institutions, and legal professionals involved in property valuation matters.

Geographic Areas

We serve Southern New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Our clients include lenders (commercial banks, insurance companies, and mortgage bankers), property owners, public agencies, and attorneys.