Commercial Appraisal Services

We are a full service commercial appraisal firm that takes pride in both our experience and depth of knowledge concerning the valuation of commercial real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Experts

Lee Ann Kampf & Associates appraise all types of commercial property from single properties to multi-asset real estate portfolios for lenders, lawyers, insurance companies, investors and government agencies. Our focus is to make your appraisal projects quick and worry-free by providing you with a greater sense of security based on our qualified data sources, objective expertise, and independent third party due diligence. The quality of our work along with our personalized service have earned us a reputation as a highly recommended, dependable, responsive and dedicated business partner for our clients.

For Lending Professionals

Understanding the urgency to provide competitively priced and creditable reports, Lee Ann Kampf & Associates has established its reputation on reliability and timely delivery of accurate valuations. We work with a variety of lenders including:

  • Community Banks
  • Regional Banks 
  • National Banks

For Legal Professionals

Lee Ann Kampf & Associates is known and trusted for being unbiased, impartial and objective. Lawyers rely on our consulting services to determine the strength of an appraisal or to challenge an opposing party’s appraisal assumptions or conclusions.  Lee Ann Kampf & Associates has a history of assisting those in the legal professions with resolving common problems relating to real property valuation and land use, including:

  • Estates – Date of demise valuations
  • Providing valuation services prior to buy/sell agreements
  • Market analysis of commercial properties
  • Eminent Domain Proceedings
  • Valuation for Tax Appeal Cases
  • Land Use – Zoning variance applications

For Government Agencies

Federal, State and local government agencies typically require appraisals for land and property acquisitions, disposals, right of way, exchanges of federal land, and eminent domain.